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NOTICE: You are about to access the GE Healthcare Internet File Service. Access to and use of this data is limited to GE Healthcare initiatives and is further subject to certain legal and contractual restrictions, including those summarized below. The data may contain confidential commercial data as well as personal data about our customers and GE employees. Such data may be subject to certain legal restrictions under data protection to other laws, contractual agreements with our customers or GE policies. Therefore, access to the data is limited to authorized users, solely for permissible uses related to their functional role. Access to the data for any purpose other than permissible uses, use of an authorized user's user name and password by anyone other than an authorized user, or disclosure of any data to anyone other than another authorized user, will be considered a violation of these access and use restrictions and will be grounds for termination of access as well as - in the case of GE employees - disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, pursuant to GE's Integrity Policies, and may expose you personally to civil liability, fines and criminal penalties. By logging into this site you acknowledge and agree to abide by the above.

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